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“My son Mark Lobo had met with an accident on 30th December 2018. He had a severe injury on his face with a nasal bone fracture. I transferred my son to Karuna hospital. Dr. Eualia took the case. My son was bleeding to death from the time of the accident till the time of operation. The surgery lasted for 4 hours. There was no hope I could see that my son will survive. With her excellent skill of surgery as a plastic surgeon. I take this opportunity to thank God first and all my well-wishers too for all your prayers the hospital staff and doctors who were very supportive and guidance is given to me to take the right decision, above all Dr. Eulalia D’Souza the most admired and talented Dr. who does such excellent work, Dr. Eulalia has a hand that heals whatever is impossible it is taken care by her. My son has totally healed and is back to work as any other normal person without any defects. Thank you doctor, may God continue to give you the grace to succeed in all your medical and personal services to mankind.”

- Patient -

“I am very much happy and delighted with the good treatment of Dr. Eulalia D’souza. Both the foot and heel portions got severely damaged beyond repairs in a train accident on 13th May, 2019. Though the injury was so severe leaving no hope for restoring to normal, she has performed advanced treatments and conducted four major surgeries. She is very friendly and has soothing behaviour with the patients. Today I am able to walk only because of Dr. Eulalia madam and there are no words to express my sincere gratitude to her.

- Nandkumar Nair -

“16th Nov 2018 was a very important day of my life. My daughter was born on that day. I had mixed feelings not becoz it was a baby girl, I was extremely happy but at the same time, I was worried because my newly born girl had a birth defect of her upper lip. But it was all about to change becoz someone recommended me to Dr. Eulalia D’souza. She advised surgery for the defect after 4 months. On 4th March 2019, my daughter underwent the repair of her upper lip by Dr. Eulalia & I was amazed at what I saw after the surgery. The lip was masterfully corrected & all my fears about my daughter’s future were put to rest permanently. I am writing this post after 5 months of surgery & I can’t thank the doctor enough for pulling me out of this problem. I am totally indebted to her for my whole life. Thanks a lot, Dr. Eulalia, God bless u.

- Neha Yadav -

“I am so happy with the good treatment of Dr. EULALIA D’SOUZA. She has given good treatment to my parents Mr .& Mrs. SURVE. Because of her, they come out from severe burning injuries. Thanks a lot doctor for the personal attention of my parents. We are very happy with Dr. Eulalia’s treatment… Thanks a lot, madam.

- Saidatta Pati -

“My mother had gone through ear reconstruction surgery under Dr. Eulalia D’Souza. She really takes her time and explains everything. I will recommend her to family and friends. She is an excellent surgeon. She is so knowledgeable. I am truly grateful to have her as our doctor. The surgery went good and my mother and we are happy with the result.

- Anuradha Jaiswal -