Nose forms the central part of the face. A beautiful shaped nose can do wonders to the appearance of an individual. Sometimes as a result of trauma or otherwise a person may have a too flat, too wide, too big, or crooked nose. Sometimes nose may have a bulky tip or unpleasing tip. Sometimes along with appearance, there may be problems with breathing through one or both nostrils due to a crooked nasal septum. All these can cause distress to an individual.

Rhinoplasty or a ‘nose job’ is a surgical procedure to achieve the desired form and shape of the nose. It can be combined with septoplasty- which is the correction of the crooked septum. So rhinoplasty can achieve desired form and function.

The Procedure

Depending on how much the nasal shape needs to be corrected to achieve the desired result rhinoplasty can be done under General or local anaesthesia. Tip plasty is the correction of only the tip of the nose. This is done under local anaesthesia wherein only the tip of the nose is numbed and necessary corrections are done to a boxy tip, bulky tip, narrow tip. This is done as a daycare. If there is too small a nose, this may need some extra cartilage and proper shaping. This is done under General Anaesthesia. Cartilage may be taken from the ear or chest. Too broad or crooked noses need osteotomies and septoplasty, which needs to be done under general anaesthesia.

All these procedures require technical, surgical finesse which can be achieved when rhinoplasty is done by a qualified plastic surgeon. If the function is also an issue then an ENT surgeon will also be a part of the team.

Post-operative recovery:

Post the procedure there will be the nasal pack for 2 days and a nasal splint for 7-10 days. There will be swelling of the nose that will last around 3-6months. The result will be well appreciated once the swelling subsides at the end of 6 months.

Thus the desired shape and function of the nose can be achieved by individualising the type of rhinoplasty for each patient after proper consultation.

Deciding on getting a Rhinoplasty:

If you are not satisfied with your nose then you may decide on getting rhinoplasty surgery. However, bear in mind that there is nothing like a perfect nose. Once you decide to get a rhinoplasty you should consult an expert Plastic Surgeon. Dr Eulalia D’Souza is an expert Plastic Surgeon with 10+ years of experience who can consult and explain to you what can be done to achieve the desired shape of the nose and what will suit you best taking your facial features into consideration. Once you are satisfied with the consultation you may go ahead with the procedure.


A well done rhinoplasty has several benefits like improved self- confidence, improvement in body image, alleviation of breathing problems. So if you think you need to improve the shape of your nose or you have breathing problems book your consultation today.

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