“My son Mark Lobo had met with an accident on 30th December 2018. He had a severe injury on his face with a nasal bone fracture. I transferred my son to Karuna hospital. Dr. Eualia took the case. My son was bleeding to death from the time of the accident till the time of operation. The surgery lasted for 4 hours. There was no hope I could see that my son will survive. With her excellent skill of surgery as a plastic surgeon. I take this opportunity to thank God first and all my well-wishers too for all your prayers the hospital staff and doctors who were very supportive and guidance is given to me to take the right decision, above all Dr. Eulalia D’Souza the most admired and talented Dr. who does such excellent work, Dr. Eulalia has a hand that heals whatever is impossible it is taken care by her. My son has totally healed and is back to work as any other normal person without any defects. Thank you doctor, may God continue to give you the grace to succeed in all your medical and personal services to mankind.”

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