“16th Nov 2018 was a very important day of my life. My daughter was born on that day. I had mixed feelings not becoz it was a baby girl, I was extremely happy but at the same time, I was worried because my newly born girl had a birth defect of her upper lip. But it was all about to change becoz someone recommended me to Dr. Eulalia D’souza. She advised surgery for the defect after 4 months. On 4th March 2019, my daughter underwent the repair of her upper lip by Dr. Eulalia & I was amazed at what I saw after the surgery. The lip was masterfully corrected & all my fears about my daughter’s future were put to rest permanently. I am writing this post after 5 months of surgery & I can’t thank the doctor enough for pulling me out of this problem. I am totally indebted to her for my whole life. Thanks a lot, Dr. Eulalia, God bless u.

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