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Non Healing Wounds- are treated by various methods like specialised dressings, skin grafts and flaps.

Involves joining vessels that are less than 3 mm diameter. This involves free flap surgeries for various indications, reimplantations, artery and nerve repairs. Free flaps involve taking various tissues- skin, fat, bone, muscle – with its blood supply from one place and fixing it to another place where the defect is and joining the blood vessels in the new place.

High Velocity Trauma very often causes injuries to the face with fractures to the bones of the facial skelton and the jaw. This can alter appearance as well as cause problems in chewing. Plastic Surgeon fixes these fractures with miniplates and screws with intraoral or minimal hidden incisions to restore the normal appearance and function.

Hand is very essential for day to day functioning of any individual. Anything that affects the functioning of the hand needs immediate attention. Surgery of the Hand is required in cases of trauma- repair of artery, nerves and tendons. Certain chronic conditions of the hand that require surgery are tenosynovitis, Duypuytrens contracture, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Plastic Surgeon manages these conditions with appropriate surgeries to restore function of the hand.

Cleft lip and palate is detected at birth itself. Surgery to correct the cleft lip deformity is done at 3-6 months of age. Cleft palate is operated at 9-12 months of age. Surgery at appropriate time helps restore normal appearance and development of normal speech.

Burns either due to fire or contact with hot liquids cause damage to the skin. Fresh burns can be treated with specialised dressings to promote faster healing. Sometimes burns are deep. Deep burns cause non healing wounds, joint contracture, unsightly disfiguring scars. Burns Reconstruction involves treatment of these problems that arise due to deep burns with skin grafts or flaps.

Surgery for Cancer of Face, oral malignancy, skin, breast and soft tissues involves a wide removal of diseased as well as the surrounding tissues. This causes unsightly defects, unsightly appearance and can cause functional problems. Cancer reconstruction involves the use of local or distant flaps to restore the shape and function of the excised part.